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Apex Case DM-318 Microatx Desktop Black/silver 275W 1/1/(1) Bays Usb Audio Fan Ieee

Case DM-318 Microatx Desktop Black/silver5 Star Rating
Case DM318 Microatx Desktop Blacksilver
Electronics Addicts Strongly Recommend This Case DM-318 Microatx

Add to your home entertainment center features via the Case DM-318 Microatx. The manufacturer's number for this great media center case is B2274700a12. One of the many key features for this case is the psu--atx12v flex 275w with 20+4 pin mb connector. Additional features include things like expansion bay--4 low-profile expansion, motherboard--micro atx,flex atx. and form factor--slim m-atx. While using the world-wide-web only a few mouse clicks away you'll be able to perform as little or as much homework on the things you are wanting to get. Save on the apex case dm-318 microatx desktop black/silver 275w 1/1/(1) bays usb audio fan ieee. To get the same discount I found, check out the link on this site.

apex case microatx desktop blacksilver bays

Discount Price: $66.58

Full Description

APEX DM-318 m ATX Desktop BLACK/SILVER 275W 1/1/ (1) Bays USB AUDIO FAN IEEE. Sturdy construction w/. 8mm steel,Removable drive cage,Thermally optimized,Excellent EMI shielding,Can be used as a tower or desktop.

  • PSU--ATX12V Flex 275W with 20+4 pin MB connector.
  • Motherboard--Micro ATX,Flex ATX.
  • Apex Case DM-318 micro ATX Desktop BLACK/SILVER 275W 1/1/(1) Bays USB AUDIO FAN IEEE.
  • Form Factor--Slim M-ATX.
  • Expansion Bay--4 Low-Profile Expansion. Case DM318 Microatx Desktop Blacksilver

Case DM318 Microatx Desktop Blacksilver
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