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Wesena, E7T-B (black) - 100% Aluminum, Low Profile Htpc Chassis W/7 Touch Screen

E7T-B black5 Star Rating
E7TB blackWesena E7TB black 100 Aluminum Low Profile Htpc Chassis W7 Touch Screen Image 1
Maximise Your Home Entertainment Center Power By Adding A E7T-B Black

Adding the E7T-B black - a great case by Wesena makes your pc really feel new. Save on the e7t-b black. To learn more about this case, click on the button below.

wesena black aluminum profile htpc chassis

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Full Description

This full size chassis with touch screen is 174mm (6. 9 ") high. ODD: ----- 1x5. Made in three colors; black, gold and silver; this chassis is perfect as a complete Media Center or music server. Display: ----- 7"touch screen LCD. 2"standard optical drive. Front Interface: ----- 2 USB + Multi-Card Reader. Screw less cover in all chassis, kept in location by magnets. For far far more particulars about Finger UI software please look appropriate here. It is extremely inexpensive chassis, considering material and quality of product. 2"] Net Weight: ----- 7. HDD: ----- 4x3. Remote Control option: ----- i MON pad Dimensions: ----- 435mm × 390mm × 157mm (L × W × H) [17 125"x15 4"x6. Available color: ----- Black / Silver / Gold. 5"HD and one distinct specific standard optical drive. Options: Power options: ----- Standard ATX PSU. [Soundgraph Finger VU] Cooling Devices: ----- 2 × 80x80x25mm ultra-quiet fans - installed. Specification: Specification: Material: ----- 100% Aluminum. 5'') standard hard drive mounts. Accepted MBs: ----- Micro ATX / Mini ITX. Extensions: ----- Four full profile slots. This chassis accommodates four 3. 5kg It is made from extruded aluminum with four round corners finished by sandblasting. 7"touch screen LCD advertisements nice look and genuinely convenient operation, however it works with Soundgraph Finger UI computer software only.

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E7TB black
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