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Lian Li PC-Q05B Black Aluminum Mini-itx Htpc Case

PC-Q05B Black Aluminum Mini-itx Htpc5 Star Rating
PCQ05B Black Aluminum Miniitx Htpc
PC-Q05B Black Aluminum Mini-itx Htpc The Right Media PC Case Enhancement

PC-Q05B Black Aluminum made by Lian Li is a popular way to express exactly how much of a technology nerd you really are. PC-Q05B Black Aluminum Mini-itx Htpc is definitely an instance of top quality media center case you can buy using the internet. If you are thinking about purchasing this item, you have come to the perfect place. We offer you unique discounted rates for this product with safe transaction. A summary of features include sturdy construction, stylish mini tower chassis and thermal solution. PC-Q05B Black Aluminum Mini-itx Htpc. Should you need a great deal for this media PC case, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

lian black aluminum mini-itx htpc case

Normal Price: $54.99
Discount Price: $59.99
Brand:Lian Li

Full Description

Designed for Intel DH61AG ultra thin Mini-ITX M/B and Intel HTS 1155LP heat sink, the LIAN LI PC-Q05 is a great chassis for those looking to create Mini ITX Media Center / HTPC that combines compactness, strength and style. 5"drives while a beam is built in to strengthen the chassis structure. Abundance of vent holes help speed heat dissipation. A pair of vertical feet is included. Dual LEDs illuminated switch lights up when power on. HDD tray supports two 2. The sleek aluminum construction with curved edge smoothly fits into your Television cabinet and compliments your property decoration.

  • Thermal Solution
  • Two 2. 5" HDDs Support
  • Stylish Mini Tower Chassis
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Qty: 1 PCQ05B Black Aluminum Miniitx Htpc

PCQ05B Black Aluminum Miniitx Htpc
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