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Silver Stone Aluminum Body Atx Full Tower Computer Case TJ07B - Retail (black)

Silver Stone Aluminum Body Atx Full Tower


Model: TJ07B
UPS: 844761002466
Package Quantity: 1

Comparing prices for a media center case? See the Silver Stone Aluminum a great case from Silverstone. I actually loved that the case has the feature of unprecedented uni-body frame constructed with automotive machinery. Other features include premium all-aluminum chassis and next generation flagship tower case. The case is 30" Height x 28" Length x 15" Width and it weighs about 30 lbs, add to cart by clicking the link below.

The main structure for the TJ07 is crafted from a solid extruded aluminum panel measuring more than 164cm (5. Utilizing a technique never before seen in PC cases, the panel was then arched precisely on two sides with automotive-caliber press machines to produce the top, front, and bottom sides of the chassis. 3 feet) in length and 4mm to 8mm in thickness. Thanks to this process, Silver Stone engineers was freed to place more large fans at strategic positions to significantly improve cooling while keeping noise to a minimal. The finish outcome is an aluminum chassis frame with much far more than twice the structural rigidity over average steel cases, helping to practically eliminate vibration-induced noise.


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