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Silver Stone LC18B-V64 Aluminum Atx Media Center/htpc Case - Retail (black)

Silver Stone LC18BV64 Aluminum Atx Media


Model: LC18B-V64
UPS: 844761004187
Package Quantity: 1

The characteristics are exceptional storage space, integrated 7- inch touch screen panel, premium, all aluminum construction and next generation cooling layout. It's 12"H x 22"L x 22"W and weighs close to 15.8 lbs. Should you need a great deal on this media center case for your pc, visit the shopping cart add to cart button on this site.

When Silver Stone engineers set out to make an HTPC enclosure with an integrated touch screen, they quickly realized the should do more than just dropping a screen in front of an ordinary case. Therefore, an all new aluminum chassis was designed from the ground up to meet these demands. For the most creative users who demand the best, the LC18 is a perfect complement for either house or carry out. Users of cases at this caliber will demand compatibility using the best hardware components in the planet. This exceptionally powerful chassis is then employed to hold a HDTV-like 7 ” touch screen with brilliant wide-aspect ratio resolution for clear text and undistorted pictures. The precisely calculated distances between hard drives will ensure protected running either passively or actively (by mounting bottom feeding intake fans) for any hard drives installed. Borrowing from the superb airflow layout first pioneered in the LC16M, the LC18 can house any CPU with minimal noise thanks to its free-flowing dual 80mm exhausts and large intake vents. An innovative hard drive bracket was also created exclusively for LC18 to make sure top employing the line graphics cards and capture cards might be utilised with small or no sacrifice in hard drive space.


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