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Silver Stone Sugo SG02W-F Abs/secc Steel Micro Atx Desktop Computer Case - Retail (white)

Silver Stone Sugo SG02WF Abssecc Steel


Model: SG02W-F
UPS: 844761004637
Package Quantity: 1

Buying cases for the entertainment system? The Silver Stone Sugo by Silverstone is a brilliant media PC case. I feel you will love that it has got dual 5. 25- inch and 3. 5- inch drive bays. Other features include extended-length expansion cards support, modern and cleanly styled sff chassis and steel structure for silent builds. The case is 16"H x 18"L x 13"W and it has got a weight of 12 lbs, click on the link below.

The SG02F, as the successor to the SG02 is an evolutionary step forward in each performance and the capabilities over the original Sugo chassis, the SG01. Although SG02F's front panel design is unchanged from its predecessor, its styling and function continues to stand out from ordinary SFF designs. The same can also be mentioned of its tried and true chassis layout, which is still capable of accepting bigger ATX power supply or optical drives than other SFF instances available. With the case now capable of handling much much much more powerful graphics cards than ever before, the Silver Stone engineers had been nevertheless able to aid preserve the smaller dimension in tact. Built depending on a brand new steel structure, the SG02F is sure to please possible builders looking for primarily silent applications.


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